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European Harmonized Cordage


Written in May 2009 – This European agreement of mutual recognition of test results comprises the following 18 certifying bodies in 18 European countries.  The Certification Bodies are signatories to the Agreement.  The links in this table bring you straight to the certifying body.

Austria (OVE) Germany (VDE) Norway (NEMKO) Switzerland (Electrosuisse)
Belgium (SGS Belgium) Greece (ELOT) Poland (BBJ) Turkey (TSE)
Czech Republic (EZU) Hungary (MEEI) Portugal (CERTIF) United Kingdom (BASEC)
Finland (SGS Fimko) Italy (IMQ) Spain (AENOR)
France (LCIE) Netherlands (KEMA) Sweden (Intertek Semko)

The agreement covers plastic or rubber insulated cables or cords complying with CENELEC harmonized standards.  The agreement implies that the cable is type-tested in one of the member countries (primary testing), normally in the manufacturer’s home country.  Further, the manufacturing site shall be inspected on a regular basis with follow-up testing.  If all requirements are fulfilled, a so-called HAR license will be issued and  the cable or cord may be marked to indicate meeting the requirements.