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Join Us @ RAPS Regulatory Convergence Discuss Wearable Devices 26 Oct ’15

Join Us at RAPS Regulatory Convergence Conference on Monday October 26, 2015 to Discuss Wearbale Devices

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Topic: Wearable Devices: How to Make Them Safe and Adhere to Regulations”

Presenters: Leo Eisner & Mary Weick-Brady of Eisner Safety Consultants and Bakul Patel of OC, CDRH, FDA

Session Leader: Seth Goldenberg, PhD, director, Global Regulatory Strategy, NAMSA

When: October 26, 2015 (Monday), 3:30PM – 5:00PM Eastern

Where: RAPS Regualtory Convergence Conference (Register to Join the Conference)

As the use of medical device wearables continues to grow, how does the medical device industry stay abreast of the proper regulations and standards that apply to these devices when seeking clearance? Industry and agency experts will discuss applicable regulations and standards and what is required for regulatory submissions for medical device wearables. Learn to better identify the applicable standards and regulations to consider for medical device wearables during regulatory submission.

If you need additional support for Wearable Medical Devices and Home Use Medical Devices email Leo Eisner at Leo at EisnerSafety dot com, or call Leo at +1-(503)-244-6151. Leo is the Principal Consultant of Eisner Safety Consultants (bit.ly/EisnerSafetyConsultants).