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DRAFT results implementation of 3Ed (EN60601 series) for CE marking

This article is an update to the June 24, 2011 article “EU EN IEC 60601-1 3rd ed. Request for Issues on the use of the Std for CE-Conformity”

On October 1, 2011 the DRAFT “FAQ related to Implementation of EN 60601-1:2006 Clarification of open issues” was issued and this DRAFT document is being sent to NB-MED for commenting on the document.  NB-MED is also known as TEAM NB.  This organization is the European Association of Notified Bodies for Medical Devices which covers the MDD (93/42/EEC), AIMDD (90/385/EEC), and IVDD (98/79/EC).  This group publishes guidances that are agreed on by the Medical Device Directives (93/42/EEC, 90/385/EEC, and 98/79/EC) Notified Bodies. Once all the responses are agreed to it is anticipated that the document will be released as an NB-MED guidance document.

The History of this DRAFT document is restated below.  Note that any “click here” links are not live in the below text but are live in the actual DRAFT document.


During spring 2011, it was realized that the use of EN 60601-1 and its many family members in demonstrating compliance with the relevant and applicable requirements of the European medical device regulatory framework was not too trivial. While relevant guidance on the matter had been published at the CENELEC website as a Q&A document (click here), some Notified Bodies were giving advice that was felt to be not in line with that guidance. On other occasions, questions were raised that were not covered in the guidance.

So, it was concluded that the situation for electrical equipment in medical practice was not totally clear and that additional guidance would be useful. Further contact with the chair of the NB-MED confirmed this desirability, and a small group of experts was established. This group developed an enquiry asking for “practical issues in the implementation”, that was sent to many stakeholders in June 2011(see Annex 1). Also at the international level of IEC the request was distributed (62A/769/INF).

The response to the request was beyond expectation and the small team of experts, initially consisting of three, was expanded with Dr. Klaus Neuder of DKE (Frankfurt, Germany).

End of July 2011, the work on digesting the issues submitted until then started and it took until end of September 2011 until all material had been thoroughly discussed and answers formulated to the questions that were raised. In some cases, the questions were slightly amended to make them a little more general, and a few additional “connecting” questions were developed by the team.

It is believed that the answers, developed in close team cooperation, present a fair response to the issues brought forward and that they can be used as a reference for all stakeholders.

Now it is time for the NB-MED to scrutinize the proposed responses and see if they are also acceptable to all members of NB-MED. The NB-MED comments are kindly awaited by the end of October 2011, at the same e-mail address that was used for the initial submission of the issues: 60601Ed3.NBMED.issues at gmail dot com, using the form supplied together with this document.

Happy reading!

The 60601-1 Issues Team:

Dr. Wolfgang Leetz, Dr. Peter Linders Dr. Klaus Neuder Mr. Martin Schneeberg