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BSI White Paper on Human Factors & Usability

Blog focus BSI’s 7th in a series of White Papers for Medical Device, on  Human Factors & Usability Engineering

White Paper on The growing role of human factors and usability engineering for medical devices

This white paper is on “The growing role of human factors and usability engineering for medical devices”and is focused on “…applying knowledge of human capabilities and limitations Human Factors and Usability Engineering (HF/UE) contributes to the design of intuitive displays, controls, and other interfaces that substantially reduce the risk of user error.”  It is written by Bob North, Human Centered Strategies.

I have the distinct pleasure and honor of assisting BSI review this white paper as a member of the BSI Medical Devices White Paper Advisory Panel for this series of white papers.

White Paper Series 

This is the last planned white paper in this series of white papers.  BSI said of the series that “…we are…producing a series of medical devices white papers. These will keep you up to date with regulations, developments and help you prepare for changes within your industry.”

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