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Standards Reconnaissance Subscription Service Coming Soon

Stack of booksDoes your Medical Device Regulator or your Quality System require that you maintain a list of applicable standards to meet these requirements for your product lines?  How much time does it take to put this list together and how much effort does it take to keep the list updated? If this is a struggle for your organization to keep up with all the different data sources we have the solution for you at a reasonable price. A Standards Reconnaissance Subscription Service to help medical electrical device manufacturers keep up to date on all the changes that occur for these documents so you are prepared for future changes well ahead of the norm and you are able to stay up to date on your list of standards. The focus of this service will be on the documents for medical electrical equipment & systems (MEE&S = IEC TC 62, SC 62A – 62D) and home use medical electrical equipment & systems (Home Use MEE&S = IEC Active Assisted Living System Committee (IEC AAL SyC) and any other Home Use medical electrical equipment documents from the IEC TC 62, SC 62A – 62D including IEC 60601-1-11 Home Use Environment).

We plan to go live with the db by the end of Sept 2015.

Please reserve your spot by September 28, 2015 for this db subscription service. [1]

Some of the features will include [For Paid Subscribers unless noted otherwise]:

There are several parts of this db [For Paid Subscribers unless noted otherwise]:

Once the db goes live you can check out how the db works by accessing the free level of service to view a few examples of current standards (about 10 to 15). With the free service level you will be able to use most of the db features set other than obtaining reports, the update notification service, but you will not have access to List of Medical Device Regulators db of Guidance documents db.

Pricing starts at only:

We plan to go live with the db by the end of Sept 2015. Since we will be releasing the db in stages the early adopters will get a discount (20%) for the first annual subscription cycle and additionally we will throw in extra months to your subscription commensurate with how early you subscribe.  The earlier you subscribe the more free months will be added to your first yearly subscription for no additional charge.

Please reserve your spot by September 28, 2015 for this db subscription service and to guarantee a discounted first year price and to obtain extra months added for free. To reserve your spot for the Base entry or the Mid-Level Subscriptions please arrange a $750.00 (US$) deposit and for the Premium Subscriptions please arrange a $1,500.00 (US$) deposit. Contact us to arrange for deposit.

There will be a couple stages for the release of information for the db.  We plan on continual updates over time to provide a really valuable resource and continually make it better. The first stage will be complete prior to the official release of the db which will include all the updated information for the IEC based MEE&S & Home Use MEE&S documents including updates on the small number of joint IEC/ISO documents.  Stage 2 will be initiated just before the release of the db, which will include updates for the US, EU, and Canadian versions of the IEC & IEC/ISO MEE&S and Home Use MEE&S documents and IEC/ISO joint documents. We plan to have stage 2 completed around Jan 2016.  Stage 3 will include updated information adding in the supporting medical device (non-medical-electrical) documents you need for your regulatory submissions such as ISO 10993 series of standards, ISO 15223-1, etc.  This stage will initiate with the non-medical-electrical standards for IEC and ISO and in the future we will add other Standards Developers.  We expect to start on stage 3 around Jan 2016 and have not yet scheduled it’s completion.

Please contact Leo Eisner to find out more details about this db. He can be reached by e-mail or phone at Leo at EisnerSafety dot com [2] and 503-244-6151 (Office) and 503-709-8328 (Cell).