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NB-MED issues V1.1 FAQ on Implementation of EN60601-1:2006 w.r.t. MDD

6 Feb 2012 – The NB-MED EN60601-1:2006 issues team released their first official version (V1.1) of this important implementation document in regards to EN 60601-1 with respect to the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC [1] (primarily written for this directive) and also the Active Implantable Medical Device Directive 90/385/EC (refer to Q & A 3.3.1).  This project started back in the Spring of 2011 (refer to pg 2 of document to see a good History of the process and the reasoning for this valuable resource).  

I (as a medical device consultant, US TAG member of IEC SC 62A & 62D & Convener of SC62D JWG9 {IEC/ISO/AAMI/CENELEC 80601-2-58} and a Notified Body Auditor) am really pleased to see the extremely hard work that has gone into this document and also in the value that it will pass on to all the stakeholders.  There are many stakeholders that were involved in this process including Notified Bodies, NB-MED EN 60601-1:2006 issues team (Thank you for your hard work.), NB-MED, Manufacturers, OEMs, Power Supply Manufacturers, Standards Developers for EN & IEC & other national standards bodies, Test Houses, Consultants, other countries regulatory bodies (i.e. FDA, Health Canada, etc.) and more.  By use of so many different stakeholders that submitted some of these and other questions this document has a much more consistent view on the implementation issues with the complexity of a series of more than 60+ EN 60601 standards.  It is expected that this document will get revised again but when that will happen is not clear at this time.  I would assume once Amendment 1 (A1) to EN / IEC 60601-1:2006 / 2005 is released approximately end of 2012 / Sept 2012 there will be more implementation questions in addition to the ones in section 3.9 (Q & A 3.9.1 thru 3.9.5 related to A1) of this excellent resource.

This document is good for learning about your specific implementation issue(s) or if you have the time I would highly recommend reading the whole document, as this will help you understand the intricacies of some of the situations of implementing EN 60601-1 with respect to the MDD (I’m sure there are more issues but a good portion have been captured by this first version).  I believe this document would be of great help to implement similar guidance documents for many other national medical device regulatory agencies around the world that are transitioning to the 3rd edition of IEC 60601-1:2005 (or their national version of the standard).

The Table of Contents gives a good glimpse into the realm of the issues covered in this document and covers the following topics.  I also provide a further glimpse into the document by summarizing some of the specific issues within those sections (these are the indents furthest to the right):

Click on the weblink to see the draft document [2] that we posted on our website 6 Oct 2011.  To see the posting please go to http://wwww.EisnerSafety.com/draft-results-implementation-of-3ed-en60601-series-for-ce-marking/ [3] and http://www.eisnersafety.com/eu-en-iec60601-1-3rd-ed-request-for-issues-on-the-use-of-the-std-for-ce-conformity/ [4] for the first announcement about this process which we posted on our website on 24 June 2011 .